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Black Atticus - Chocolate Honey

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IWM# 2751

IWM serial ID: 02751

Chocolate Honey Dropping Lovely
Love-ly, Honey, Dripping on me, babe
Want ya to keep that Lovin' on me me
say yeah, yeah

The way your kisses linger through my soul, they're like
Mingus fingers on the Rhodes, and i,
Feel you're all I NEED 2 Know,
and You're Everywhere I trynna Go,
You're the Hand in the braids that I'm trynna grow,
Like a Chance that I had from a life before,
And I don't want, don't wanna miss no more
No I don't, don't want wanna miss no more,

I know I know this song don't really need a rhyme, but ya
you make me feel like doing extra all the time, and ya
you got a way of making brothers lose they mind,
how you sexy yet refined, its the way that God designed, (you, you)
and all ya flavors been hurtin'me something major,
It tell ya it'd be a labor to, not disturb the neighbors, if you
came over later, we'd probably be on our naughty
as Hot as Wasabi Saki, so mami don't keep it from me

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