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If The World Ends Tomorrow

DREAM CATCHER Kyrah Hale's picture
IWM# 2747

IWM serial ID: 02747

If the world ends tomorrow
I go back home to where I am from
If the world ends tomorrow
I go home to a place called love

If the world ends tomorrow
I will be waiting for his hand in mine
If the world ends tomorrow
I have always kept God in my mind

If the world ends tomorrow
There will be no more hunger and hate
If the world ends tomorrow
I will be walking into the Golden gate

The streets will be paved of love of gold
Gates that make of shiny pearls ,a place that I will know
Foundation stones of the heavens
precious jewels of sapphire,emeralds, and topaz stones

The light will be so much brighter
than the sun we see each day
So if the world is going to end tomorrow
God's light will come my way :-)

© May 20 2011Kyrah Barbette L Hale
Dream Catcher
AllRights Reserved

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*If The World Ends Tomorrow*

I really like your poetry. It goes deep within and makes a person wonder "what if?" I think it would be lovely if it was put into a song. I love to write song lyrics and some poetry as well. Very nice job on it. Keep up the good work!

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