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Kritic - Bout Dem Dollas

Kritic's picture
IWM# 2668

IWM serial ID: 02668

HOOK (2X):
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.
They ain't got em tell em holla.
I'm all about dem dollas.
I'm all about dem dollas.
Go to fuckin' with my dollas.
Then dem hollow heads got em.

Verse 1:
I'm all about dem dollas
I'm all about that paper.
If you ain't talking numbers
then I'm fucking with you later.
Ain't never been a pussy,
I never was a hater,
Yes hoes stay on my dick
Never again a masturbator.
You say your numbers great
well I bet that mine are greater.
You niggas eating out
While I'm getting my shit catered.
Taking trips across the country
Miami, L.A., then Vegas.
To the industry I'm new,
But to the streets, nigga I'm famous.
Hella bottles of liqour
and hella swisher papers.
I keep them two together
they're better when integrated.
A couple O's of work
and the scale is on the table.
All different types exotic
all colors just like a rainbow.
Yes all the eyes stay on me
I stunt just because I'm able.
Ralph Lauren swag,
So many horses in my stable.
Looking for me, check the streets.
You won't find me on cable.
Real Nigga and Go Getta
Yeah that's how the fuck I'm labeled.


Just like I'm on a treadmill,
Nigga i keep running.
Survival of the fittest,
So nigga I keep huntin'
My paper steady stackin'
So nigga I keep stuntin'
Shorty still soakin' wet,
So nigga I keep her comin'
Niggas still sideways
So yeah they still frontin'
Talking that good shit
but showing the streets nothin'
Niggas riding with tools
with no intentions on bustin'
You not intimidating
Everybody know you bluffin'
Them swishers in rotation
got the whole team puffin'
Only fuck with that high grade
Kush, Dro its nothin'
I got a small circle
I ain't too good with trustin'
Everybody trying to eat
Everybody out here hustlin'
Niggas is getting jammed
Them feds they still cuffin'
Kids are rasing kids
cause kids out her fuckin'
Fucking with a nigga money
death's a repercussion.
For me money ain't a issue.
My life yes I love it.


Verse 3:
Everyday I wake up
I be looking for the green.
I gotta get the work
for the motherfucking fiends.
Niggas talking bout
they gonna take it off of me.
That's why I stay strapped
with my motherfucking heat.
Test me if you wanna
body fluids will leak.
Niggas walk around
with your face on a tee.
No evidence
and nobody gone see.
It's a sad sad day
when I go put on that ski.
You better be smart
when you chase dat cheese.
Make sure there ain't no rats
hiding on your team.
Make sure them niggas are
who they say they be.
Or they gonna have yo ass
in penitentiary.
Gotta go get it
no one eats for free.
Gotta stay awake
cause the money don't sleep.
Gotta get this damn work
off of me.
Making more in a day
than most make in a week.
19 years old
started fucking with them g's.
Give me 28
that's a couple hundred easy.
Pockets full of dubs
ain't none of them clean
But kept a few cards
for my government cheese.
Clientele great
I'm the man in the streets.
Bank roll. Dank blow.
Living in luxury.
All about dem dollas
till i D-I-E.
Bust a nigga head
with no sympathy.
Always tell the truth
when I'm on these beats.
Ain't sugar coating shit
cause nigga that ain't me.
Give it to you how I get it,
You can either take or leave it.
Fucking hella bitches
Aint planting no seeds.
Latex! Great sex!
Yeah that's all i need.
Motivated by the money
Damn right I'm greedy.
Hating ass nigga
It's whatever come see me.

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Very good! Now produce it seriously and get a manager if you don't have one.

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