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Kritic - Illusions

Kritic's picture
IWM# 2664

IWM serial ID: 02664

What’s goin on?
My visions gone crazy
Not talkin corn
But a nigga straight mazin
I’m all black
But my eyes look Asian
I see competition
Nahh I’m mistaken!

Verse 1:
I speak the truth,
Without pointing out the obvious.
Clear Message
But its still hard to bottle this
Lil Nigga
But in my head I’m the bodiest
Niggas hate Me
Cause im layin where their bitch body is
When we’re laying
Communicating with our Bodi-es
And I’m loving
How her noggin keeps on bobblin’
Hope She’s thirsty
No To rockin’ to sleep and bottlin’
Baby Daddy
He act up gonna have to body him
Chasing Paper
My occupation yall are hobbin’
Why I’m sprinting
Cause one day I’m gone be wobbling
Even Then
A nigga still gone be gobbling
Strong foundation
My empire tobblin’
Visions Blurred
Like you looking through the bubblin’
Y’all don’t see me
Unless you’re REM sleep gogglin’
Sleep Light
Or else the boogie-man’ll swallow ya
And I’m gone boogie man
Pull out the stick, Holla Bruh!

Hook (2x):

Verse 2:
Here is No illusion
I will give you a contusion
In your cranial uptrusion
Then bang your chick so ruthless.
Put her head where the roof is.
My head where her food is,
Magnum where that fool spits
And rounds for the foolish
Magic Lense niggas
Cause I’m a living illusion
Human is what you see
Really monster is what you’re viewing
5’11 he grew
Brain cells outgrew him
Kept a smile on his face
But rage ran all through him
Smart moves, game in check mate
I just like to play stupid
Find out who really down
And Who is a got-damn groupie.
Laughed at a nigga
When I was pushing the hoopdi
Saw me in the streets
You wouldn’t say none to me
Now you ready to fight
If anybody ever boo me
Expect me to forget
How in the past you boojie.
It’s all gravey, I stay straight
Im booming.
Spitting that hot shit
That keep your stereo booming.

HOOK (2X):

Lets play a little game
Fun fun oh my.
Here is a suggestion
How about I-Spy.
Cause I spy a nigga with some drive in his eyes,
Or maybe dried up tears from the pain along the ride.
I spy a nigga with some pride on his side,
Or maybe a big mouth to compensate for his size.
I spy a nigga who will fight for his guys,
And do it from the heart not just because of the ties.
I spy a nigga that’s bout all his rhymes,
That really keeps it real he ain’t bout all the lies.
I spy a nigga who flipped O’s to survive,
Cause nothing feels worse than a nigga that can’t provide.
Yeah I spy a nigga that cherishes all his life
That put in years of work for what yall think came overnight.
I spy a nigga spying me dead in my eyes,
Sincerely from that nigga my mirror said hi.

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