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Kritic - Numb

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IWM# 2663

IWM serial ID: 02663


4 in the morning and I'm still wide awake.
My brain filled with thoughts, some I love some I hate.
I'm ready for the day when everything is all great.
When niggas show love and fucking congratulate.
Instead of throwing dirt and unnecessarily hate.
But until then yall continue to motivate.
Its gotten to the point where most niggas just imitate
Which is translated to mean, most niggas are fake.
Niggas a do one thing then lie in front of your face.
You pussy ass niggas yall are none but a disgrace.
Ain't got time for the games I'm trying to get the cake,
So please do me a favor and stay the fuck out my face.
Time is of the essence, never will i hesitate
Cause its a million other niggas in the same race.
As a jit I was taught never settle for 2nd place
That's why I had to erase quit from my word bank.

Pop another bottle its time to get drunk.
Fill another swisher its time to go dumb.
Paper aint right its time to get some.
Middle fingers up hell yeah I'm gone numb.

Verse 2:
Every now and then bruh reality hits
and all I can say is ain't that a bitch.
I keep losing my niggas and it's making me sick
slowly losing my mind, so i stay on some liq.
I don't fuck with many niggas cause the like to play tricks.
And a lot of niggas soft, who would cry bout a bitch?!
If its hoes what u after better buy u a fit
But if you out here chasing paper better make that work flip.
Niggas impatient nowadays everybody hitting licks.
Best be careful with your tongue, everybody got sticks.
Tell a nigga go to school he ain't hearing that shit.
Tell a nigga get a job, he'll tell u suck a dick.
Young niggas everywhere are lacking common sense
Being raised by the streets cause many fatherless.
Crackas getting all excited, another statistic
They love to see a young nigga live life behind a fence.


Verse 3:
The more I sit and think, the less I seem to care.
When I was at my worst none of you niggas was there.
Now that I'm getting paper every nigga sincere,
Fall back fuck niggas that shit is really queer.
Living my life to the fullest no worries over here.
I don't mind riding solo, I don't believe in fear.
I don't need a team of goons cause God is taking care
Every morning that I wake up I send him a prayer.
Then I strap myself up never will I go bare.
501s 501s bruh that's all that I wear.
And my kick game stupid, wanna try to compare
I'm a dread-head nigga, long hair don't care.
Menages with your boy I'm getting hoes by the pair.
I'll save all that cuffing for them niggas that square.
I'm a thoroughbred nigga we don't breathe the same air.
Finding another nigga like me, yeah that shits gone be rare.


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