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Kritic - Boss Bitch

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IWM# 2655

IWM serial ID: 02655

Whats hannin’?
Yeah I done cuffed a few of these girls out here man. But that’s exactly what they are, just girls. I’m tired of the games man. I need a Boss Bitch. You feel me? Let me tell you bout this lil lady I’m looking for.
Whats hannin’?
I need a boss bitch, a boss bitch.
A bitch dat keep dat Louis, Gucci, Prada in her closet.
I’m lookin for a boss bitch, a boss bitch
A bitch dat keep it real with a nigga, so flawless.

Verse 1 (0:25):
Man a nigga need a boss bitch, dats off rip.
I aint just talkin bout a cute chick, dat aint shit.
Im talkin ride or die chick, regardless
Of if a nigga got big stacks, or charges.
You get in trouble with the law she, ya sidekick.
Feds go to askin questions she, not talkin.
Them silly hoes actin up now, they callin.
My baby don’t stress cause they, aint bout shit.
Aint no question she a dime bruh, she gorgeous.
And she gone keep her legs closed, not whorish.
She be out with her girlfriends, but hardly
And when I’m with my thugs bruh, no callin.
I need a chick dat keep it real with me, one-hundred
And of course she went to school bruh, no dummy.
I let her blow stacks just cause, I’m ballin.
But she’s a boss bitch, she make her own money.
Verse 2:
When I say I need a boss bitch, I’m talking bout a soldier.
One that hold me down like my gun do the holster.
Bitch that’s bad enough to make me put her on a poster.
One a nigga don’t mind letting her sleep over.
Forcast always wet, no need for Al Roker
When we in them sheets, she put it down like she supposed to.
Got a pretty lil peach, but she not from Georgia.
Hell yeah it stay shining like the weather down in Florida.
Bitch that keep her cool when them crab niggas approach her.
And you best believe she carry her own toaster.
She know that she that baddest, no need to be a boaster.
Both smoking that color purple, I call it Oprah.
I get a lil hungry, she cook dat food to order.
And she love to tell a nigga that her mommy taught her.
Never been out the hood, I had to passport her.
North to south. East to west. Border to border.

Verse 3:
Boss bitch! Floss bitch! Make them hoes hate!
Stay getting to the money. Money good, money great.
Full course meals coming on your dinner plate.
Yeah you eating good, and got no problems with your weight.
Sick shoe fetish, yeah shawty I can relate.
Broke niggas try to holla so you getting all irate.
Lame hoes try to stunt you publicly humiliate.
But fighting aint your thang, usually dont retaliate.
As pretty as can be and your personality’s great
I usually don’t cuff but this a chance I gotta take
I’m feeling like I’m dreaming but I know I’m wide awake
Cause never in a dream have I falling and been ok.
Swag stay G’d Up each and everyday
I need a bitch that can love me in each and every way.
A bitch that’s down to ride until I motherfuckin grey
A still reppin my name when im dead and im gone away.

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