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I jusr want to say

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IWM# 260

IWM serial ID: 00260

Poppa said

see all of them houses
lined up in a row
there really made of
but I still want you to know

Lord willin
your gonna get old someday
maybe have a family
and a kid or two
I can still hear Poppa sayin

Oh Lord forgive us
when were in doubt

I just want to say I love you
what it's all about

so many tears
shed for yesterday

my sons growin up to
no longer do we play

I miss those days
by the river bank
when I think
of those days
it makes my heart sink

son I love you
son please dont
all I want to do
is give you a hugg

I remember when
you were a
football star
seein the crowd cheerin

your my son
and I,m proud of
thats who you are

remember goin quail huntin
lettin the dogs run
thats was fun

I can still hear
the first words that you said
those first
words of yours
still fill my head

always had a smile
on your face
sweet laughter use to fill this place

dont let things
get in the way
I can hear my Poppa say

son I love you
son never doubt

I just want to say
I love you
thats what it's about.

© 2007 Howard C Holbert

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