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Ryan McReynolds - Brat

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IWM# 2581

IWM serial ID: 02581

Music and Lyrics by Ryan McReynolds

I can't afford no loans
I need a job that cracks my bones
I don't wanna live in a Ghetto
You have no right to steal my medals

God doesn't like laziness at all
You didn't trust his sacred call
You didn't rely on the Lord
You wanted me to sit and be bored

You want me to sit and rot
You say you are scared i'll get shot
But you can die in your own home
I'd rather be free to roam

You told me not to take my meds
You're really screwed up in the head
You made me so very mad
When you acted up this bad

You told me how to handle cash
When you risked having to eat trash
Don't tell me how to spend my money
The truth I speak isn't funny

You never smelled reality
When you chose to steal some money
I can't believe I fell for you
As you never got a clue

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