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!Yuliya Johnson- !I am not you

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IWM# 2548

IWM serial ID: 02548

I am not you ©12.09.10Yuliya Johnson

d2 with A in the bass
The night is only getting colder for me
With all the thoughts in my head
And all the things left unsaid
Mother why did you have me if you won't accept me for who I am
Why did you have me if you won't accept me for who I am

C aug. F minor
You always doubt what I do
Nothing is ever good enough for you
Haven't you learned that I am not you>2
You wanted a clone instead of a daughter
Is this true?
Why haven't you learned that I am not you?

Every time I talk to you
You never say you love me
Instead you accuse me
And try to control me
Everything I say to you, you use against me
All of my life you put me down
You left me with so many scars
So I've put up walls and pushed ppl away
Cause I am afraid of cynics just like you


Bridge G7 g
Deep inside my heart
I still hope that you'd change
Start believing in my dreams
And look at life with more light


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