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!Yuliya Johnson - !Good song material

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IWM# 2528

IWM serial ID: 02528

So you think this is all about you
Don't you?
Such a typical boy you are

d C
I've been tru a lot
I've cried my tears
Now I know what I want
But I won't give the secret away
Somehow I made you think that I like you a lot
Just as much as I like the shoes on my feet

Chorus: d2 G
You just good song material
But I wasn't serious
Cause life can get delirious
And a girl needs some fun
You just good song material

d C
So here we are on the couch
Its getting kind of hot
I like your fat lips on my neck
And the way you grab my ass
But its just my body
Playing little games with you
But if I didn't like you just a little bit
I would had my way with you


So brush you hand through my hair
I'll pretend I am in love
I hope we both know
We're thinking about one thing in particular

I don't understand why girls are not supposed to say this
But I will say it anyway yea yea yea
I am gonna write what the fuck I want yea

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