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He's You

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IWM# 2515

IWM serial ID: 02515

He's You

When I was young I believed I was stung by deception and all his games
If I knew from the start, predict the pain in my heart I might have looked the other way

When you hold me and say,"Why can't you trust in my ways for I can only be the man that I am?".
I'm left wide open inside, my insecurities fly
Is this the true heart of this man?

But I could open up my heart to the one who shows he's true
And I could be the woman for the man who sees us through
I need a man who'll stand by me when I show this insecure fool
And I'll wait a lonely lifetime just to see this man come true
But I know he's you
I know he's you

Now down this bumpy road I want to share your load
But sometimes I feel you want me to leave
And I tremble with fear that you want someone else here
That you'd be better off without me

But I'm destined to be and if you're patient you'll see
A grounded person who is sure of her goals
But you know it takes time to forget all the lies
And to rebuild the faith that somebody stole


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