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a single Rose

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IWM# 249

IWM serial ID: 00249

She works all day
To make some exrta pay

Helpin to make
Ends meet

She sits down
in her favorite chair

Lets down her hair
Slips off her shoes

turns on the news

rubs her tired

Just before her eyes
began to close
she noticed on the table

A single red rose

A smile came
on her face


A tear came from her eye
As She read the note

She began
to choke
She began
to cry

On the table was
the reason why

A single Rose

Just for you

A single Rose

To say
I love

A single Rose

Cuz I remeber when
The day our life began

And babe I would do it
All over again

A single Rose

Just to let
You know

How your love
Has helped
Me grow

A single Rose

For one true love

A single Rose

A single Rose

A single Rose

For you

2008 HC Holbert

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comment on a single rose

that's so sweet! i really like this.

very nice :)

very nice :)

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