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Malaya Mai - Twistin'

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IWM# 2488

IWM serial ID: 02488

I'm on to you, Lies are on your lips
So sugar sweet, But look at my label do not wring or twist

Twistin, twistin the truth
Callin' it fresh when you know it's no good
Twistin, twistin the truth
I'm not a fool, I can see right through you

Twistin, twistin the truth
Try it on me 'cause I've seen that one, too.
Twistin, twistin the truth
I'm sheisty like you, so don't bother, it's no use

Look over there while I switch up the wine
I'm well aware that your tricks are mixed in it
You like to say that you're new to the game.
Watch what you say. You're about to step in it

Too bad 'cause I really like
Your body, your style, your smile, your swagger
I know the real you, don't try to spi-in it.
I'm immune to the twist of your dagger

Come over here, let me get my hands on you
I'm gonna rock your world. I'm gonna twist it on you

How does it feel when I flip your game on you
You're gonna beg me to stop when I twist it, twist it on you


Look now, the rug has been pulled
You and your broom in the dirt you hid with it
Brush the dust and the truth'll come out
Blowin hot air is your thing and you know it

Instead of one pretty face, you've got two.
Fake me smile but I'm in it to win it
I'll make you red as a rag to a bull
Two birds with a stone to kill it


Yeah yeah yeah. I've seen it before
It's nowhere as good as the one I pulled on you

No, no, no. I don't know a thing
Little ol' me. That's not something that I'd do


Something's new in the air when you're here
Take a whiff, Must be fish, Take a whiff, Must be fish

Doing business in my hood when you're here
It's so funny, Must be fish, It's so funny, Must be fish

Making deals with my friends when you're here
It's so shady, It's so funny, Must be fish, It's so funny

Spittin "truths" in our ears when you're here
It's so twisted, It's so funny, It's so shady, Must be fish

[Sniff, sniff]
You smell that? Gawd! What is that?!Is that you?! Hey you guys!
Come over here and smell this guy...Doesn't he smell like fish? Ew...

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