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Two Ribs

DREAM CATCHER Kyrah Hale's picture
IWM# 2458

IWM serial ID: 02458

    Two Ribs
The other rib is not jealous
It completes you deep inside
It is one that is encouraging
And understands your mind
It does not seek to condemn you
rather it raises you on high
supporting you in dreams and goals
and encourages you to try
It does not see competition 
It only sees completion
Its a completed puzzle 
Where the pieces fit just right
It doesn't dread your silence
rather it knows that when you're not near
you're reaching for your dreams again
and it has nothing to fear
For two ribs God created
 He created them to be combined as one
Until people learn what the ribs are for
Then they create true love
One without the other
produces an emptiness inside
but two as one, together
gives the other wings to fly
©Copyright Aug 2010 Kyrah B L Hale & Donna Keevers Driver
Allrights Reserved

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