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Voices and Vision

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IWM# 244

IWM serial ID: 00244

Where have the voices gone
the eyes that once saw a vision

people isolated
caught in a trap
theres so much division

where have the voices gone
that once spoke as one
and the eyes that saw a vision
and a dream

only reality people seem to see
is through television
spoon fed thoughts
mystic dreams
corporate wizards schemes

gasiuos air
materialistic gods
people don,t seem to care
they seem to be pods

where have the voices gone
that once shouted for love and peace
why has the the vision
seemed to cease

everyone is plugged in
theres no where to go
this digital nightmare
has taken us below
everyone living in cognito

we once had a voice
we once had a choice

we once had a vision
now we are on a collision

it only takes two or three
that are willing to see
willing to speak out
for a new reality

gentecially modified seeds
have been planted
we are being farmed

come on brother
why cant you see the harm

Love has become a dirty word
people think
it's just absurd

they don't realize
they are a part of the herd

it's not too late
if we don't hesitate
to bring back

the voices and the vision

turn away
from the television
wake up
from this digital nightmare
if you dare
to bring back the voices and the vision

Howard C Holbert

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