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!Yuliya Johnson- !You're Oblivious

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IWM# 2418

IWM serial ID: 02418

c# B
Its so hard for you to understand me
Cause you’re too focused on getting your own way
You’re stubborn you don’t like to meet in the middle
But make up sex is for the movies
And people that are not like me

c# Ab
You’re oblivious, you’re oblivious
You never think you’re wrong
You’re oblivious, you’re oblivious
You’re insulting and headstrong

c# B
All the hurt you’re causing
Soon might not even have a fix
A flower doesn’t wash away
The fact that you forgot about romance
Poor you, poor you

C# Ab
When will you see that we both want the same things, but we both go bout them in different ways
Stop being such a jerk
And let your heart do the talk


“You’re oblivious”©2010YuliyaJohnson(Yuli)

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