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Come and rescue me written by darryl ''rizing son '' sturrup

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IWM# 2362

IWM serial ID: 02362

Come and rescue me
written by darryl ''rizing son''sturrup

verse 1

Standing on the soft sand
throwing stones into the ocean
crying,slowly dying
without you here
I need you near

Grey clouds fill the sky
as the sun begins to fade
Don't know what tomorrow will bring
Or if I'll make it another day


Come and rescue me
to set me free
from the pain inside
that is killing me

I'm losing you,losing you
forever and ever
come and rescue me

verse 2

I feel you when the wind comes
I taste you when it rains
Do you remember when we made love
while it was pouring
Your love was pouring

How can you sleep without dreaming of me
Do you love me anymore
Do you still care,do you still care




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hey rizing sun

Well its been awhile since I read your work. It seems to me here that this work is about a reminiscent heart aching over losing a loved one or more specifically a significant other wanting them back because you'll really only be ok if they come back and love you like they once did. Idk how accurately I interpreted this but you can correct me on how wrong I may be. If you wouldn't mind checking my newer work out it would be much appreciated. Peace out.

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