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Nyal Cline - psychobabel rough 5/14/10

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IWM# 2340

IWM serial ID: 02340

I get pissed at profets
I got mad at man
I seen heaven burn an mountains turn back into sand

I got empty pockets
I got crazy plans
I got the back lock block on creeper winger scams

buzz the operator
I got a dead line
don't trust the water but the captain is a friend of mine

I broke the laws of nature
but it was nothin but fun
I heard the news that there's nothing new under the sun...

But have you looked at the stars?

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I see people are downloading, which is great. I haven't checked this site in a while, but feel free to leave a comment. I actually have a much better mix of this track, but I usually post a rough version on here just for the time stamp. Anyways, 64 downloads without even trying is a nice surprise for me. I guess I gotta do post better mixes now if people are really gonna listen to 'em....


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