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The Body and Mind, In Retrospect of Its Flaws Pt. 1

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IWM# 2309

IWM serial ID: 02309

*Here is another piece of something that I hope to build into the anthology of my bleakest thoughts*

My two eyes know nothing
But the black sufferings of my own cause
I plead with myself that I may repose for reconciliation
But the desires of my flesh seep outward, visible even in my reflection
And this is my reason to hate my sight when this is brought to recollection
Now to my hands folded in prayer of a blessing
Despite my clear remission of God's laws
In this also I am aware of my flawed humanity
Cursing His holy name with every fiber in me
Not with my tongue that stirs the coals of fire, but the nature of my truest hypocrisy
I am the man that says one thing and does another
I am the soul that loves his lust but hates his brother
I am the incarnation of denial in all its infamy
Dare I say this is the heart of all that consumes me

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thnx Shelly. Its just about summer time and I know I will have more time for writing and music and we are building a recording studio here. makes me very happy. Maybe by the end of the summer I will have an EP to put up here.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Faron, that is beautiful in it's honesty and very cleaver in reality. Someday, you'll realize, just how profound your words and thought's are. Excellent!! Shelly R.W.

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