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Miguel: Tribute to Jimi

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IWM# 2212

IWM serial ID: 02212

I was all along the watchtower,
when I saw a purple haze.
Hey Joe I yelled out,
You look like a rolling stone.

In that red house over yonder,
lives a girl with gypsy eyes,
It was still raining and I was still dreaming,
When the moon turned the tides,
Gently, gently away.

The wind was crying Mary
When I got stuck in crosstown traffic,
And Little Wing was making her way,
To having her voodoo child.

Spanish castle magic was what I was doing
When I saw the third stone from the sun,
And castles made of sand,
Fell into the sea endlessly.

Are you experienced? I heard a voice say.
Yes, I answered. I am bold as love.
I’ve also been to electric ladyland
Even though I have to wait until tomorrow.


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