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IWM# 2203

IWM serial ID: 02203

*I really thought I would try to write in some nontraditional format. The total rhyme scheme is abcccabdddabee. I wrote it with as many lines as a sonnet. Tell me if the format makes sense to you or not*

The people that I thought were the model of perfection
Those that I thought I'd give my life for
Made me see the fault in all humanity
Those people who I thought would always be there for me
Showed me their true colors and where their motives seemed to be
I just wanted a leader to provide me the proper direction
To lead me through the right door
But I'm at life's cross ways staring at the clocks
As each moment passes and each door is sealed with locks
And I'm left in the cold as each heart rejects me despite my knocks
Indeed I am the victim of some horrific selection
That stabs my spirit down to its core
Certainly life is like a filthy prostitute
Fulfilling our desires then leaving us destitute

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Faron. you are so far above and beyond us mere mortals. This is very cleverly written and extremely well thought out. perhaps someday you will teach stuff like this to the world. Have a great day!!! Shelly R.W.

Didn't Think

I didn't think anyone would enjoy this considering the format is not an established one already, but thank you for the comment

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