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"Our Shielded Hearts"

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IWM# 2201

IWM serial ID: 02201

When hearts are still year after year,like yours
and mine dear silent friend

When wishful thinkings we hold dear,think should
we dare to chance again?

Will hearts once stilled in silence hold,the
secret yearnings of our souls?

When we say Hey,remember when,do you too think to
chance again?

When we in confidence reveal,to some that is

When we with misty eyes confess,the love we had
was unsurpassed
Do you profess dear silent friend,if we should
dare to chance ?

When hearts are still as ours still are or are
they really,should we dare?

Not instigate for fear of losing our shielded
hearts that are our prisons

Will hearts once stilled conceal romance and hide
emotions till the end?

Is what once was to be concealed in hearts of
steel,when hearts are stilled?

(C)Oscar Sotuyo Sr.1989

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