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What is inside (free verse)

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IWM# 2146

IWM serial ID: 02146

what is inside this broken heart of mine
whether it is life or death, I do not know
whether I hate or love is uncertain
But what I do know that resides within
Is a burning desire to be whole again
I need to be like a child and just believe
Without any hesitation of whether it is true or false
But yet again I have forgotten who hath made me
Formed me in the palm of their hand
I have left that first love forgotten in the past
I need to find where I left it, but where
If I knew where I had left this perfect jewel
I would run as fast as I could and pick it up
Place it in my heart, never to forget
All the things I regret not having

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Thank you, but i really

Thank you, but i really didn't have any intention of writing more with it. now that you mention maybe i should.

You can make this teriffic!

Merry Christmas Faron, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the Season. This verse has great potential. I think you can add to it and really make a special song out of it. Run with it! You've got it inside you so ... See ya S.R.W.

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