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IWM# 2120

IWM serial ID: 02120

Merry Christmas everybody

one day
our world
will change
there will be peace for everybody here

one day
our hurt
will fade
we'll laugh and forgive everybody else

and all the people living
will have a light in their eyes
yes all the people giving
will see the pride in their lives

one day
(one day)
our love
(our love)
will grow
till we can speak with everybody else

and one day
(the sun)
(will come)
and show
how we can live with everybody else

with all our hearts forgiving
no one will have to tell lies
when we care for each other's feelings
that's when all cruelty dies

Am I just playing
or is this for real
everyone's saying
don't matter what you feel
only time can heal
the pain that life can deal
that's not right
that's just got me wondering
if all we can do is fight
shouldn't we do more talking
less taking more giving?
I think the answer is loving
being kind and forgiving

one day
(we say)
our dreams
(they may)
come true
yeah yeah yeah yeah
for us and for everybody else

that day
(we dream)
so soon
(will come)
come true
and that's christmas
for you and everybody else
that's christmas, baby
and I want nothing else
for everybody else
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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I like this

Hey, Merry Christmas, right back to you. These lyrics are believable and positive. What you say and how you say it are right on!! S.W.R.

I like what your lyrics have

I like what your lyrics have to say. a positive message. Do you have music for this? If your interested in colaboration go to my music, listen and let me know.

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