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The Wall

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IWM# 2033

IWM serial ID: 02033

  • Artist: Don cauthon
  • Title: The Wall
  • Length: 1:07 minutes (1.02 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Theres a wall that lies between us
That no-one else can see
I pound my fists upon it
An buckle to my knees
A wall that lies between us
That only i can see
I work for your attention
I scream with all my might
Dreams have gone unanswered
Like so many stars in the night
What lies beneath the surface
Of this here cage of mine
We'll be apparent over time
A wall that lies between us
That no-one else can see
And i know someday you'll set me free

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Hi Shelly
Thanks for the comment. At home i use a program to make the music and add some of mine, Thats why its not as crisp as live. Then i just hit create music and upload files. If you go to its sounds alittle better and soon i'll be adding video. I have a ton of songs i have not put up yet.

This is straight to the point

Hey Roqueatdt, I like the sound of this song. Everyone I've heard so far is relly good. Keep 'em coming. SRW. Hey, how do you get your audio to upload?

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