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Why Can't You

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IWM# 198

IWM serial ID: 00198

I cant believe you tricked me
i dont believe you had me
i cant believe you told your friends
i dont believe they kept secrets
i cant believe you took my hand
i dont believe you asked that 1 question
to be with me forever

[I thought
i finally
had sombody
to dream about
but i guess not
she dont even like you back and you still go for her and not me
I just dont get it
i just dont get it
oh i just don get it
get it
get it]

Why cant you just let her go and come to me
why cant you?
I wanna be with you
over again


why oh why oh why cant you


i just need you to know ill always
always love you

oh why oh why cant you?
oh why oh why oh why cant you?

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has great potential, very relatable but the chorus is a little long and kinda confusing



good job!how do you make up

good job!how do you make up songs like that!

no i havnt i dont play an

no i havnt i dont play an instrument so ihave no clue how so im tryin to get a gutiar lesson and som piano lessongs and a drum lesson hopfully i cann get some friends to help me on it!
aLySsA dUnN

very cool

have you written any music to this one?

this one looks alot more complete.

Great work.

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