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Bleeding(Away From You)

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IWM# 1971

IWM serial ID: 01971

verse 1:your starving me
on a serpentine degree
your killing me
you just wont set me free
pre chorus:take me away from this nightmare
your not supposed to be there
it was all adream at first
when you came you made it worse
chorus:i think im trying too hard
to runaway too far
to much i cry
because i die
and come back alive
when i bleed away!
verse 2:i need to live my life
i need to stop this strife
i need to save your life
and stop this dreadful fight
prechorus 2:what will you need to say
your life gets drained away
what are we gonna do
and now your bleeding too
final verse:through all this adversity
somehow you still cant see
we just weren't meant to be
you just cant be with me
bleeding from the inside
theres no place to hide
(chorus softly)

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