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What went down's picture
IWM# 1912

IWM serial ID: 01912

What's the deal
what's the status
what is real
under the gun
it's a million degrees
in the Florida sun
while I'm driving
in my mind I'm striving
to accept
I'm tired, but I'm cranky nasty and wired
and I won't forget
how they slighted me
showed me no respect

more than the loss
it's the the pain that's gross
the gall that burns
in the back of my throat
how could it have come to this
like an evil god
fate gave the nod
came knocking again
looking for blood

I know that every time
I mess up, the fault is mine
I'm supposed to get up
not let it linger inside
but the truth is
I don't know
what else I could-a done
tried my best
and it wasn't worth none
and what's worst
is the pain of inadequacy
not having someone to blame
for my inherent idiocy
for feeling so lame
what the hell is wrong with me

and when I get home
I'll be the one to feel guilty
already apart
I won't tell you why I'm down
I'll say something smart
keep a safe distance
I'm scared of your frown
it's worse if I hurt you
you'd lose faith
if I was a clown
it's too late
to undo what I've done
it went down
that's all – answers?
I have none
not even for myself

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