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Keep It Coming

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IWM# 189

IWM serial ID: 00189

I’ve taken shit from you for far to long
Shoved it down believing it was gone
Only to find out the bottle is full
Watching it seep out like over flow
Drive me wild I can’t get enough
Hatred you give with every touch
Claiming still to be my only salvation
I long for a day with out your stimulation
Tied up by your hands, slapped by your tongue
Discovering ways that I can make myself numb

Keep it coming, this might be fun
Watch me undo all that you’ve done
Blackening your heart and staining your soul
Vengeance and revenge have be come my goal

Devouring my life like a raging beast
Defile yourself it is my turn to beat
You’re losing the game of planning my fate
Changing strategy won’t make you great
Darling my love you try too hard to control
You don’t have a prayer, you don’t have a soul
Spending your money like your buying a possession
You’re just wasting your life on a denied obsession
Pushing and hitting is always you style
Won’t be too long till you’ll be in denial

Keep it coming, I’m bound to explode
Please don’t run before I reach over load
Ripping you soul and destroying your heart
This is where all of my fun really starts

Beaten by your fists and taking your shit
Fucked me up royally I hope you’ll admit
I know that your judgment day will come
Face your maker, tell him what you’ve become
Convincing me to love you blew up in your face
This hole in my heart someone else will replace
I’m leaving no room for your venomous love
Surprised as you are I won’t take one more shove
Bruises and cuts that have turned into scars
Bare the reminders that I need you very far

Keep it coming, your end is getting near
Devastating your life with your own fear
Scorching your heart and burning your soul
Gives me a pleasure that I can’t wait to know

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That is a loaded question. Define trouble. It's my middle name.

are you in trouble

i wonder if this stuff is still happening?

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