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To Love you

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IWM# 1882

IWM serial ID: 01882

"To Love You"

I never though
I could break your heart
Steal your smile
And I wouldn't

I'd hate for you to hate me
But I'd still love you baby
Before it's too late I'd say
Nothings more beautiful
Than you are tonight

I'll try and smile while your away
Stand out in the rain
Make believe that I'm okay
But inside I could never tolerate
I hate everything that could take you away

I would walk mile after mile
To reach you, to hold you
I'd say, I'm in a dream
I'm in love

Your soul is kind
Your body like wine
To love you is a pleasure
To hold you is amazing

Without you I'm nothing
You're all that I am
The only though that I have
Without you I have nothing
You're all that I've got
So hold me
Let me love you
Keep use warm tonight

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