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IWM# 188

IWM serial ID: 00188

Never, forever they mean the same thing
Thinking out loud ‘bout what might’ve been
Never again would I survive life in hell
Forever in the confinement of a prison cell

Remembering when my pain was born
Never again is what I have sworn
Repeatedly some how my life you’d claim
Killing my heart with torment and distain
Leaving took all the strength that I had
Forever running from a world gone mad
Oblivious to all this child went through
Unwilling to help even after they knew
Never, forever are not all that different
Exploring a direction I was not sent
Never believing fairytales come true
Forever denying all that I once knew

Love is a bastard not worth the trouble
Never knowing its pain might be double
I fell hard and fast for all of its charm
Now empty and powerless, full of alarm
Walking blindly and lead by my heart
Forever lost for a place which to start
Trusting begins with no place to go
Turning summers heat to winters snow

Never or forever what will I decide
Searching for places that I might hide
Never feeling like I’m among the living
Forever I’m consumed by not forgiving

Dreaming of ways to ignore the past
Never looking back and walking fast
I’m finding shadows to hide within
Not playing games that I can’t win
Screams of terror interrupting my nights
Forever reliving the worst days of my life
Forget that I should be healing with time
Nightmares will always plague the mind

Never and forever still mean the same thing
Contending with secrets, living with sin
Never revealing the depths of my heart
Forever disguising a soul ripped apart

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Just wondering

Forever and never the same? How?

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