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Kill Me Or Thrill Me

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IWM# 184

IWM serial ID: 00184

Kill me or thrill me, it‘s all the same
I’m losing myself in your worthless game
Betrayed by the rose all covered with thorns
Bewildered by the love that I now scorn
Confined in your prison you were once so sweet
Now savagely rapping when you used to give heat
Convulsing with hatred as I run away
Holding me down just to make me stay
Kill me or thrill me, just make it end
I remember once you were my friend

Choke me or shoot me all I know is the pain
Trapped in you web I’ll never hide the shame
I’ve denied you my love, so begin to morn
Revenge to my heart now you have sworn
The loss of my soul and the fear of defeat
Is showing no mercy as you defile and beat
Warning me that I will never keep you at bay
Frightened by the conviction of all that you say
Kill me or thrill me, time won’t help me mend
The beginning was nothing more than pretend

Filter the terror that comes with your name
Harboring resentment for all that you maim
Belittling me while you use me like porn
Wishing at times I had never been born
Your hand on my throat is never a treat
I end up in a corner when I begin to retreat
Looming with bitterness all the games that you play
What seemed to be passion got lost along the way
Kill me or thrill me, I will never again bend
Believing that on you I could depend

Hinder the dreams that I used to claim
Sullen and dirty made worse as you tame
Confusion has bitten, I’m tired and worn
Cloning me into what so ever you adore
Begging with reluctance lying at your feet
Remembering a time before we would meet
I know I won’t get you to move out of my way
So I will stand here and take for one more day
Kill me or thrill, what ever makes this end
Because I know in this life I must never bend

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Rage an Art

I think rage has always been an art. When we feel negative stuff we feel more isolated so when you hear or see something that helps you feel less isolated. A person finds it to better than something that doesn't impact as much.

very impressive.

you have made "Rage" an art.

Thank you

I like deep. It's a good way to describe what I write.
Thanks Silent Rage (CJ)


Very good work.Very deep too.

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