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Book of Revelations

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IWM# 1838

IWM serial ID: 01838

I'm sittin here think'in
As my mind starts to wander
Baby could you imagine
Just the touch and explosion

When two hearts come crashing
A supernova, its lighting flashin
Somethings the worlds never seen and baby this night ain't over
Cause when we lock, when we touch, you can feel the vibration
Thru the sweat and tears just another chapter in the book of revelations

I'm squeezing you closer as i put my left hand into your hand
No pretending here, sugar we're both shaking and can hardly stand
Can you feel the storm babe,clouds of passion all around
Somethings gotta give girl,I think it's time you just lay yourself on down now
Tensions gone for now babe,but how long till the next attack
I think will be ready,Reachin a high and we won't be coming back
They say this happened in the beginning,an apple,a snake storys runnin wild
But let me tell you the answer, it was when they touched

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