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If we didnt die

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IWM# 1836

IWM serial ID: 01836

There wouldn't be murder if Dead people could talk
No fear of dying if dead people could talk
The beat and the pad and the lead equals the thought
There wouldn't be a case if dead people resort
To be going out in court and be pointing up in ya face
There still will be alot less secrets that's lost
We'll still see Jesus Christ in the Flesh
Still leading the Lost
No reason at all for the word death
Not even a morgue
Or the words rest in peace
Unless it meant He was going to sleep
Or the words deceased
No choice for abortion
The pain wont be so often
Wont care to me but its more Air to breathe
Cuz we wont need to cut down trees for Coffins
No need to proceed with caution
Took 23 in the Tee and Moved to Boston

I'll trade it all for immortality
Instead of being struck with reality in a tragedy
Big L would of signed to Roc
So deep Biggie and Pac will Be OG's
So See, Easy E will be in Cpt
Low key will be Proof Still ridin the D
And Big Pun in BX But nah We Stressed
Slim woulda carried the Nina during Katrina
Now I gotta go back home
Ant, Goose, and Tont
Why you gotta be gone
Dam its so Wrong
And if People Live Forever
Then I gues we will still be here together
But Years come at you fast one blink and its past ya
Your Preparing for life when deaths coming Faster
You Scared to die thats the only thing guaranteed
That dont mix like Fire and Kerosene

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