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You wrote it, now protect it!


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IWM# 1820

IWM serial ID: 01820

I really, really thought that I was
having fun with my life
goin' around like I cared none
lookin' only for to have a good time

but now you've come and got in face
got past the callous
into that special place
over the social, and right into me

tell me what I'm supposed to do now
my hearts gone over, to the enemy
uncharted territory ahead
fear, fear of losing you – fear has come over me
at night I toss and turn in my bed
you are my fantasy
and my enemy
you make me fear, fear for my sanity

I'm needin', needin' you for my dose
dedicate me some more of your time
'cause you know that I am on a drug high
there's no mount I won't climb

so come inject me you know the place
better than adrenaline
drugging by the enemy
'till I'm blue, blue in the face
I'm losing the race
losing to the enemy

tell me what I gotta do now
my heart's MIA
captured by the enemy
taken alive, left for dead
and I know you're thinking torture
uncharted territory ahead
but I'm rollin', rollin' with the punches
that territory's gonna be in my bed
tell you, tell you what my hunch is
you're also in this one way over your head

captured by the enemy
gonna make a meal of me
torture out my sanity
'till I'm left, left for dead

take away my sanity
it never even suited me
so give it to the enemy
uncharted territory ahead

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Sharp as Hell!!!

Hi , This song has a very sharp edge to it and it fire's the imagination. You've done a good job on it, I believe. S.R.W.

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