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You wrote it, now protect it!


Pleasure VS. Demons

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IWM# 182

IWM serial ID: 00182

Notice the person that’s very cold
Filled with feelings that never show
Searching for pleasure in the darkest night
Haunted by demons seeking to fight
A body used and built by design
To wage the war against heart and mind

To feel the pleasure there must be some pain
Opening the heart to see who reigns
Demons are lurking below the surface
Waiting and watching for a chance to control this
A body filled with the greatest pleasure
Keeps them hidden like a burred treasure

Pleasure VS. Demons is not just a game
Winning keeps you from going insane
The demons will try to devour your soul
While it struggles to give pleasure control

Consumed by the shadow that conceals the heart
What continues with deficits as vast as the stars
The construction of walls that are made out of steel
To protect the heart that just wants to heal
The body remains neutral though it knows the risk
It wants what it wants no matter who wins

A heart made of glass will easily break
The loss of all feeling is what’s at steak
Conquered by the vision of all that’s destroyed
The desire for love is done and now void
But the body still needs to be touched
Aching to feel an controlled by lust

Pleasure VS. Demons no longer a game
Losing will make the player insane
Demons ignore the cry’s of the soul
Pleasure not given will lose all control

Look closer now at the people you know
The feelings they’re hiding may not show
Hunting for pleasure in the greatest depths
Frightened by demons they haven’t met
Using the body to forget all the pain
The heart and mind left out in the rain

To feel the pleasure for some
The heart must be kept numb
The waiting demons below the flesh
Wanting away to destroy what’s left
With the body playing once again
The time has come to see who wins

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... the good fight...

I will try! lol Self worth is not something a lot of people I know actually have.

keep up the good fight

the good in you will always win so long as you surround your self with people who appreciate their own worth


I guess when I wrote this I was trying a little bit to step outside myself and I usually spend more time inward.?


is this the first song of yours that i've read that is less personalized. i don't see a lot of "you" and "i" in it. not like your others?

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