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My Dying Breath

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IWM# 181

IWM serial ID: 00181

I taste the poison on my lips
I eat the hatred from your heart
I drink the pain I’m covered in
My dying breath will start

Like an infectious disease,
You spread in my veins
Your dead and you won’t leave
This is driving me in sane
You contaminate every thing I do
Spreading the sickness that lived inside of you
Visions of your life are destroying me
A cancerous growth devouring dreams
Suffocating and fighting for air

You taste the poison on my lips
Eat the hatred from your heart
Drink the pain I am covered in
My dying breath about to start

Searching for answers to what it means
Losing perspective and clinging to life
Fighting for it some how, now seems in vein
Eating and sleeping the memories of you
I’ve become the pet you keep on a chain
Icy touches, fiery demons, half hearted attempts
Curdling my blood as the world starts to melt
My soul bares scars that just won’t heal
Committed by your all knowing demeanor
My heart you killed with all your love
While you temper grew ever meaner

Now drink the poison from your cup
Spill your own blood with the knife
Hatred growing, you planted that seed
My dying breath now takes this life

Consider this your last mistake
The shame that comes from you
Covered in your filthy stench
You’d brought me something new
Controlling every breath I took
Tormenting me with your pleasure
With your wailing fists abound
My screams became your treasure
Black and blue from your venomous touch
Finding the cure seems to cost to much

Tasting the poison on my lips
Eating hatred makes you feel
Drink the pain I’m covered in
My dying breath you’ll steal

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Thank you

I wasn't sure I liked this one, it felt a little too real, but the more I read it the more I like it. I just don't think it's as objective as I would like. I have to work on that.

This is great

I especially liked how you wrapped the song up with "my dying breath you'll steal." those lines really leave an impact.

COOL Real Cool

I like it and Would Like to work with you in the near future.

Almost Perfect

these lyrics are so close to perfect.

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