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Colder Than Blue-I NEED A GUY TO SING THIS!!!

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IWM# 1795

IWM serial ID: 01795

BY; Shelly R. Walden
(guy’s song)

Baby, sometimes I hear you weeping
I pretend that I’m still sleeping, I’m so damn scared
Of what you’re keeping inside of you
I know I should try to hold you
I’m not sure, I can console you, lately baby
You’ve been colder than blue

Is there something you think you’re missing?
2nd( Guess)
Someone else, you dream of kissing, some dark secrete
You’ve been wishing was in you’re reach
I won’t ask what you can’t answer
Dying love’s, a real bad dancer, when the music playing
Is colder than blue
Colder than blue, are the eyes that haunt me
Like the arms that didn’t really want me
This chilly bed, that still reminds me of you
(1st) Someday you will find another
(2nd) I know you have found another
But for me, they’ll be no other
Lately baby, I’ve been colder than blue—2 x’s
Now there’s no one, to hear me weeping
I pretend, that I’m still sleeping, I’m so damn scared
You’re memory’s keeping, away the truth
I knew I could never hold you
Though I tried, I can’t console you, lately baby,
I feel nothing but blue
Repeat 2nd vs (guess)
Repeat Chorus 2x’s
Lately Baby, I feel nothing but blue
Pretty soon, I’ll feel nothing for you
Colder than blue, Colder than blue

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