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Darker Blue; Composer-Dwight Hamlin/Recorded/ they won!!!

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IWM# 1793

IWM serial ID: 01793

BY; Shelly R. Walden
Music By; Dwight Hamlin

I’m so afraid to look you in the eyes, afraid to see what you’ve become
Spewing from you’re mouth are twisted lies, aimed at me and everyone
Paranoia, feeds your sha-ame, how many pills to ease the pa-ain

What ever scarred your souls still holding on, destroying everyone you touch
Self destructive tendencies’ burn strong, then use addiction as a crutch
It’s not easy being yo-ou, everyday’s a darker blu-ue, it’s not easy being yo-ou
(drum) (drum) (drum) Darker Blue----Lead---

I can’t promise they’ll be no more pain, broken promises heal slow
You gotta try, there’s just yourself to bla-ame, and only one place left to go
Beat the Devil at his ga-ame, through it all I will rema-ain

I’m still afraid to look you in the ey-ye, afraid to see what I’d become
If someone hadn’t heard my anguished cri-ies, and helped me heal what drugs had done
I’d be just the same as yo-ou, heading for the Darker Blu-ue
I’d be just the same as yo-ou,(drum)(drum)(drum), Darker Blue-3x’s

Paranoia hid the sha-ame, too many pills to ease the pa-ain
Won’t be easy yeah, that’s tru-ue, letting go of Darker Blue
Won’t be easy yeah, that’s tru-ue,
Repeat 3rd vs,

‘Till you’re not scared to look me in the ey-ye, not afraid of what I’ll see
Find the Joy in every cloudy sky-y, so damn proud to be drug free
It wasn’t easy yeah, that’s tru-ue, how many more are Darker Blu-ue
Look at me I’m proud of yo-ou, say good-by , good-by to Darker Blue
Don’t be afraid to look them in the ey-ye….

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They Won, YEAH

Promises Revolt Won the Battle of the Bands, in NORMAN, OKLA. They did a great job and they got to record two songs. I am honored they chose Darker Blue. You can see them on you tube or hear the release from Gorilla records. These kids a TERRIFIC, YEAH. Shelly R.W.

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