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DREAM CATCHER Kyrah Hale's picture
IWM# 1782

IWM serial ID: 01782


I am a pen once you pick me up
You can not put me down
I will be your medicine,I am your drug
I am the ink,I am your inspiration

When you put me together with your mind
We create a master piece of words
Go ahead try and put me down
I will some how end up back in your hands

I am your write 
I am your words
I am your mind 
I am your creation

The first time you held me
You know what we done
We create 
We relate
I am the one that relates to you
your mind your soul

The funny thing is when I am not in your hands
You long for me, Your even thinking bout me
You think of me
When your driving
When your walking 
When your sleeping

Wow I really have you addicted don't I

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Sorry Shelly took me awhile to get back to you, Yeah still figuring this site out.LOL yeah seems we writers are addicted ..Thanks for reading .Peace and Love to you :-)

Your words speak the truth

Hey Kyrah, It would seem we have the same addiction! I find myself always looking for my pen and paper. The words flow all the time no matter what I'm doing. Your poem is well thought out and very well written, S.R.W.

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