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Stephen W Lawrence/Good Ol' Boys

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IWM# 1756

IWM serial ID: 01756

Good Ol’ Boys

Good ol’ boys like bad young girls naïve enough to know
No better than to get all caught up in the world Of them good ol’ boys that like bad young girls

(Verse One)
Now take a look at Sam…he’s a laid-back man
He’s laying on his backside every chance that he can
But he ain’t never layin’ there all alone
Cuz’ his finger’s always busy dialing on the telephone

(Verse Two)
Numbers of the names in his little black book
Of them lovely little ladies with that laid-back look
Who for money,lies and promises play the game
With them dirty ol’ men who look all the same


(Verse Three)
On the other hand there’s Pam … not your girl next door
So young and sweet and pretty but she looks like a w____
Never thought she’d turn out that way
Tho’ she kind’a keeps on hopin’ everything will be okay

(Verse Four)
But there’s a long line o’ guys that got their eyes on her
She’s caught up in a cycle while her life is a blur
Til’ one day she wakes up older…all the sudden they’re gone
Yeah…the hunt is starting over…they got to move on



He takes what he wants…she gives what she will
And back and forth and so on but they never get their fill
The void just gets bigger…the more that they try
They often sit and wonder but they never ask why …they never ask why
They never-never-never-never… ask why


© 2009 Stephen W Lawrence

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I Am So Sorry!

Hi Shelly ... I just now saw your comment.
I don't check this site hardly at all.
Anyway,thank you for the compliment and
please forgive my late response!
Take care - Stephen

Good Ole' Boy's

Hey. that song is truer than most will admit. I liked it, S.R.W.

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