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You wrote it, now protect it!


In that you can trust

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IWM# 1746

IWM serial ID: 01746

If you could sing like me
Then baby you'd be like me
But you know you can't
Mister you just rave and rant

If you could walk like me
Honey if you could talk like me
You just can't take it that far
So follow me and grab your guitar

We're ghonna blaze a path for the world to see
Spread'in the music by land and by sea
Rollin with salvation brother rockin a nation
It's all of us,in that you can trust

If you could write like me
Just see the dreams that i see
Well would'nt that be
Imagineation runn'in wild and set free
We're almost there lets take a stand
Grab ur neighbors and lets light up the band


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