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Arvin Bickam - Somebody Please Help Me"Somebody Please Help Me!"

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I drive away,but
I always go in reverse
Going back into your arms
An I don't know whats worst
(Is it)
Me loving you and you not loving me
Somebody Please
"Somebody Please Help Me!"

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We are looking for more recorded material from you: if you have prose work, we can help with that as well.

My Intentions...

First off, my intentions in the business is to just write great music.I'm looking to get all my songs out to the major players in the business.I can write all types of music.Country,Gospel,plus other types. To say the least.Well alittle about me.I'm a college student.I'm 27 yrs.old.An I also write screenplays to.If you want to know so more about me.You can always reach me here.

Arvin Bickam

My business partner and I own and operate this site. You definitely have talent, and your phrasing and composition are first rate. Please let us know more about you, and your intentions in the business.

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