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Broken Town

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IWM# 1739

IWM serial ID: 01739

I was thinkin back to the hope of the past
Tr'in to recapture
What in my minds eye will forever last
As i walk down these streets
Things just don't look or feel the same
As time took it's toll only memories remain

It's a town of broken dreams,promises unfulfilled
A ghost farm of spirts
That walk these streets still
Take your friends girl, get out while you can
Cause the best you can hope for is a swift and final end

Well theres mountains mleft to climb baby thats a fact
For what its worth sugar i wont be comin back
I'll be leavin in the mornin hoping for the best
For the people walkin round or those already laid to rest
This town will steal your soul on that i will attest


Thoughts are fine honey
But on those alone you just cant trust
We need to keep moving for now its only us
Stay with me baby alone if we must
Maybe along the way will see some friends we can trust
I'm lookin for some answers anything ta help me cope
Searchin far and wide not stoppin till i find some hope
Show me a sign brother i'm bout at the end of my rope
Like the oceans all around doin my best just ta stay afloat


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