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Boardwalk life

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IWM# 1694

IWM serial ID: 01694

Baby don't you worry,signs are aligned just right
Theres magic in the air tonight
There's a place out there where everythings alright
Take my hand little girl across this beach will walk at night
Hear the crashin waves As lovers from the park holding on so tight
Heavens dancing in your eyes by the light of a midnight moon
A romantic carnival of the soul,flouresent and bright
This is where the world fades away
Our desires and dreams take flight
Arm and arm,hand in hand its the boardwalk life tonight
I can hear the rides movin strong,
I see the pier lights shinin bright
As desperate hearts melt into one
Stars and sand sugar are our blankets tonight
Its a boardwalk life
An endless horizon drifting down on a cool ocean breeze
A boardwalk life
For lovers in love to do what they dam well please

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