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IWM# 1690

IWM serial ID: 01690

  • Artist: Eric Cauthon
  • Title: Friends
  • Length: 2:32 minutes (2.32 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

There's a place right across that ole county line
Where the people are real and the drinkins just fine
I know a girl and her name is sue
We go out now and then just for something to do
We talk about the wheather and talk bout the pain
Of the times we live that may never change
We down our shots and maybe shoot some pool
We say our goodbyes and you know, we'll talk real soon

People come and go and honey talk is cheap
You've got to watch your back,try and find the ones you can keep
I've been around sir a time or two
Seen many a this that people can do
There's one thing i can tell you, and thats for sure man
All the friends that i have i can count on one hand

Bobby lives by the water out on the edge of town
He likes ta cast some lines when the weekend rolls round
We grab some bait at the local store
His little row just won't hold no more
4 extra poles and some safety gear
A cooler full of food and 1 full a beer
I've known bobby since he was 17
20 years worth of storys some you'd never believe


I can remember some years that were once and done
Friends and times,
Summer secrets full of laughter and fun
Times have changed man we've all grown old
But the friends that i have, man there aint no hearts gone cold


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