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Sweet Summer Rain "New"

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IWM# 1672

IWM serial ID: 01672


I see that look in your eyes
I’ve felt it time after time
Pouring over me, like Sweet Summer Rain
I hear you whisper my name
You say it time and again
‘Till I shiver, from this yearning inside

Don’t tempt my heart with that smile
It consumes me, all the while
Pouring over me like honey, in spring
Almost as sweet as your kiss
You’re the taste that I miss
And the Flavor, of your Sweet Summer Rain
I’m slowly drowning, going down, going down
My head is spinning as my heart hits the ground
Forbidden pleasure’s you seek
Make’s me want, make’s me weak
I can’t fight this or you’re Sweet Summer Rain
You slide your hand into mine
It pulls me back to a time
When Loving You was easy and free
Each day felt just like the first
It was the Best, It was the Worst
Now your memory is torturing me

I don’t know where things went wrong
I woke up, to find you gone
Still, I’m drowning in a shower of pain
When will I finally let go
Exhume, the pounding in my soul
And the memory of your Sweet Summer Rain
Can’t stop a hunger like this
You’re every sin I resist
Like the Flavor of your Sweet Summer Rain
Forever drowning, going down, going down
BY: Shelly R. W.

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