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IWM# 1635

IWM serial ID: 01635

I Grew up Broken Home
Left Means Broken dome
Step pops hit alot
Taught me just Tote the crome
Taught me Just to roll alone
Taught me just to hold my own
13 growin grown
No type of order shown
You make me wanna hope your doom
Your a jokers buffoon go to your funeral
Spit on your open Tomb
I dont even know you Let alone even spoken to whom
that left an Open wound and it aint closing soon
Your the reason why I came out my mothers womb
My brothers seen you but Im raised by another dude
You never seen me never gave me a hug or two
I wont Govern You God will be the Judge of You


Now that it occurs to me
How did you go day by day thinking
that I never had an emergency
But you was never even man enough to call
And didnt carry the courtesy to say two words to me
Man your a herb to me
Cuz when god gave you the chance
where you can further me
Act like you never heard of me
Its alright though
Just another nerve urging me
How do you walk with the conscience of deserting me
I grew to a man with nothing you taught me
I didnt choose who I am N**** you brought me here
Call me 2 face but fates gonna squeeze like toothpaste
I been a loose case since due date.


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Thanks 4 the opinion John I appreciate that,, Please Stand by for the new material I add


John M. Gray

Um? Good song-great lyrics, but I hope you give Fleetwood Mac a little credit, and there was another rapper that used the same line, at the same speed. Tread lightly.

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