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Barely Hidden

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IWM# 1610

IWM serial ID: 01610

Words,don't come easy
when your around
I get the feeling,I'm heartache bound
'cause I'm just beginning,to realize
What's Barely Hidden in your eyes
Green eyes are gazing,ohh in mine again
Searching for so much more than just a friend
Well, I'd give you anything,that's mine to give
But this life just,isn't mine to live
How ,can I want you,when another holds me near
How,can I let him go,when I've held him all these years
He'll always stand between us,but he'll never know
The price I pay for loyalty,
When my heart won't let you go
The more I try to keep you off my mind,
the more you stay
The achy need that fills my soul
he cannot love away
I've(we've'2nd-x)searched so long and hard
to find the truth within
But there's just so much I (we 2nd-x)can pretend
REPEAT vs's 3&4
Words, don't come easy,when I'm around
You don't have to tell me,that your heartache bound
'Cause we're both beginning,to realize
What's Barely Hidden in our eyes
REPEAT CHORUS-2&3-except last two lines of -3
What we'll keep hidden in our eyes
But,there's just so much we can disguise
Words,don't come ea-ea-easy,ohh ohh noo ohh ohh no

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