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Amusement Park

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IWM# 156

IWM serial ID: 00156

You brought me here blindfolded
To a horrific amusement park
Guided into the house of mirrors
And left me in the coldest dark
I was only running into walls
Every direction that I was being sent
Until the wicked lights came on
I didn’t know where you went

The mirrors are reflections of
What is the growing, fat side of me
The glass is revealing all the faces
That I don’t think I can bare to see
The ghost of the man once trusted
His hands full of things he’s holding
Dripping with my pain and blood
All the things from me he’s stolen

I‘m screaming out your name
But knowing you weren’t there
I reached out for your strength
You pulled away, you didn’t care
You said I wouldn’t be to scared
You can’t deal that’s why I’m alone
Forcing me to heal and mend
To make me face it on my own

The mirrors and glass are metaphors
For the demons dwelling inside of me
Your abandonment my hollow heart
When your telling what I should see
Nightmares open locked windows
Streaming light on all my fears
Illuminating what I have denied
Eyes open and I taste the tears

In the glass and mirrors I feel my own rage
It’s not just a dream, I know it’s very real
You know it happened more than once
Try to understand, it’s just to much to feel
Maybe it’s all over but still it’s hard to face
Nothing left to chance, he took away my choice
Hiding all my pain from him, my attempt to be strong
Never letting him know I’m haunted by his voice

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I had a nightmare.


I would like to know what inspired this song?

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